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Are you trying to have a Baby


Have you been trying to conceive naturally for a while and are getting frustrated why it’s not happening for you? Perhaps you have been through IVF or have tried to get pregnant naturally and you feel you are not in control of your own fertility. Trying to have a baby can feel like being on an emotional roller coaster for any couple trying to conceive.


Does this sound like you?



You desperately want a baby… with each month that goes by where your period commences… it’s another slap in the face and the grief sets in. You think to yourself “What’s wrong with me?” “Why can’t I have a baby?”, “It’s all my fault, I waited too long”, “I didn’t look after my body when I was younger” and of course, “why me?” Friends and family don’t help, they don’t understand. The pressure from them to have a baby is immense and you don’t feel like you can talk to them about it. You feel like you are letting them down.



Your sex life is more like a chore and dictated by your calendar?   

Your life’s on hold and is all about falling pregnant ? 


You may suffer from……


 Irregular periods, heavy periods or ovulation issues, PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids? And since you are here on my website, I’m guessing you’ve also tried everything in the book to fall pregnant. You have monitored your ovulation, done something else and may have even done a few rounds of IVF… all to no avail.



Increase your chances of falling pregnant by….



Getting your body ‘Fit for Fertility’?

Preparing your body for pregnancy naturally?

Preparing your body for Natural Conception or IVF?

Addressing any of the above mentioned issues like irregular periods, ovulation issues, heavy periods, 

unexplained infertility, PCOS or other health issues? 

Feeling safe, heard & understood?

Gaining a better understanding of your body?

Gaining awareness and confidence in your lifestyle and diet?

Reduce the stress you are placing yourself under by not having a baby?

Relax your state of mind so that your body can be in better health to conceive a baby?


Here is how the The Natural Fertility Program works:

  • Initial Face to Face or Skype Consultation 
  • Fertility Awareness: provide you with the tools to find your Fertility window
  • Monthly Follow-up Consultations 
  • Email & Phone Support to help you make those changes
  • Emotional support: address any fears, hopes you may feel

You also receive:

  • The Information Booklet 
  • Recipe ebook
  • 6 LH Strips and 2 Pregnancy tests


You will also…
Feel lighter, hopeful, excited, knowledgeable, informed, aware and most of all… not alone. I will be by your side Step by Step throughout your journey and help you to achieve your goal. My program is not only about getting your body ready to conceive but also to nurture, sustain, feed and hold the baby during your pregnancy.


Ready to take CHARGE of Your Fertility NATURALLY?

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