The Natural Fertility Program can be used while undergoing IVF although thebest results are when you have done the program on its own for at least 2-4 cycles before starting IVF and then continuing to take the homeopathic remedies while undergoing IVF.

During your IVF cycle the homoeopathic remedies can help your body respond effectively to, and help with any side effects from your fertility medications.

The remedies help with follicle development, improve uterine lining and assist with implantation as well as bloating, moodiness, headaches and tiredness.  The remedies also help with anxiety and relaxation and will be adjusted to suit your needs. Women often feel healthier for having done the program, feel calmer post egg transfer, and feel more in control over their part in the IVF process.

While on the program you will have a safe place to express your feelings, nurture your emotional wellbeing,  ask questions about the IVF process, and keep me updated at each stage of your cycle so I can make adjustments to the program as needed.