“The moment I met Leah I felt extremely comfortable and confident that this was a practitioner who was not only professional but had the best interests in mind for her patients lives holistically. On Leah’s advice my treatment was a mix of homeopathy and conventional medicine which very quickly led me to being able to resolve my women’s health issues which I’d struggled with for pretty much my entire adult life. The beautiful part was that the homeopathic treatment Leah prescribed also treated some of my own personal development goals… all of a sudden I realised I’d changed into the person I truly wanted to become. I wholeheartedly recommend Leah for those seeking a professional, intelligent and results driven practitioner who is easy to talk to.”
Ines Deciccia.” Senior Marketing Communications Manager


Please note that the testimonials below belong to Evelin the previous owner of Natural Fertility Australia and show that the Natural Fertility Program worked for these clients.  

`I had been trying to conceive my second child for 2.5 years before I found Evelin’s program. My husband and I had been tested for absolutely everything possible as to why it was not happening and no explanation could be found. After a successful first pregnancy with no problems conceiving, we were diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility. I was devastated! We were told our last option was IVF! I just couldn’t accept that!! I was exhausted financially and mentally. I just didn’t have the strength to keep trying. In my desperation, I searched the internet for natural Fertility options and found Evelin’s program. I was hesitant at first but so glad I decided to give it a go. This was my last chance before forcing myself to give up. Before starting the program I had a good talk to Evelin and we went through everything that had been going on in our ttc journey. She was understanding, patient and listened to my concerns. She gave me some hope! She didn’t dismiss my concerns like I found some other health professionals had done during this journey. She wanted to help me get my mind and body in the best shape as possible to conceive my baby. I felt comfortable talking to her. During the program I felt the best I had in a long time. I could see a real improvement in the way I felt. Better eating and natural supplements helped niggling hormonal symptoms start to clear, my body felt healthier and mind felt clearer. Then finally I conceived my 2nd child after 6 months on the program!!!!! I was FINALLY pregnant with my 2nd baby!!! I was so happy I gave it a try. I am so very blessed and feel so very lucky that I conceived naturally after so long trying. It was all worth the wait and heartache and I am so glad I didn’t give up! I would recommend this program without any hesitations. I am so lucky I found the program and Evelin. If you want a natural approach to conceiving then give this program a try. It is worth it! Thankyou for all your help Evelin! X “ — Allison H

“Before I met Evelin and commenced her Natural Fertility Program I was feeling lost, confused and frustrated. I had been trying for 18 months to conceive my second child with no success, and I was tired of being bounced between various GP’s, gynaecologists and fertility specialists. My periods were irregular at best, to the point where they had ceased completely. Yet no one seemed to understand my particular situation, let alone offer a reason as to why I was having so much trouble. I felt consumed by the process of ‘trying’ and sadness when month after month my hopes were dashed. I kept thinking that there had to be an alternative to IVF and other such, more invasive processes, which my husband and I had already decided just weren’t for us. I will never forget one GP asking me, with an aggravated tone, “Why won’t you just take the Clomid?” Like it was a magic pill that would fix everything. Similarly, I was tired of the continually endless question “So, when are you having another one?” A constant reminder that time was ticking away. My first consultation with Evelin was life changing. I immediately felt more relaxed and positive because finally someone was really listening to me. I knew then that Natural Fertility Australia was the right path for me. The start of the program was both difficult and liberating. Difficult because I was changing a lifetime of bad habits, though even this proved to be achievable, and liberating because I finally felt a sense of hope. Evelin believed in me and what we could achieve together and so did I. I adjusted to the dietary changes much quicker than I expected and it wasn’t long before I was feeling better than I ever had. I had trimmed down, had more energy and generally just felt healthier. I wasn’t pregnant yet, but still felt that the program was changing me and my mindset for the better. Evelin went above and beyond to help me at every step of the way providing not only guidance along my fertility journey with a dietary plan, new recipes, supplements, homeopathic remedies and all other supplies I required, but she also became a confidant for other things occurring in my life, recognising that our bodies work holistically as one rather than as individual spare parts. Hence, even living interstate, Evelin was only an email, phone call or Skype away. No question nor query was ever to small or too trivial. It is with great joy that I can now say, I am 13 weeks pregnant and feeling very well. My husband and I are overwhelmed with happiness, relief and gratitude. Our dream has come true and I know in my heart that it wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Evelin and this amazing program. I would happily recommend Evelin and Natural Fertility Australia to anyone and everyone, and I say everyone because we all know someone who is struggling with infertility. The program works because it just makes sense and allows you to take control of your own body and future. Evelin, you are without doubt a miracle worker and our family will be forever grateful that you came into our lives.“ — Brooke Visscher

`I was trying to fall pregnant for the last 1.5 yrs and did not want to subject my body to the side effects from artificial medicines. Evelin was professional from start and her diagnosis of my problem was spot on. She started me on the right medication/diet to balance my hormones. Evelin was very patient and understanding throughout this process. We as a couple are very thrilled and excited to start parenthood. I would recommend this program to every woman who is struggling to conceive and would like a natural approach to successful pregnancy.“ — B.G.


“After 7 years of trying to fall pregnant, including one failed attempt at IVF, I saw a post for Natural Fertility Australia on Facebook and said to my husband that it would be worth a try. I contacted Evelin and we set up the initial consultation. My husband and I left this meeting feeling relaxed and excited about the journey we were about to start with Evelin. While I was still hesitant (who wouldn’t be after having no success for so long), we commenced our journey. While participating in the program with Evelin, I always felt comfortable and relaxed. The “treatment” was very easy, non-invasive (unlike IVF), and simple to follow. After being on the program with Evelin for 4 months I was very excited however quite nervous when my period hadn’t arrived. I had put off doing the pregnancy test for 5 days, as I was sure I would get my hopes to be disappointed again, however on New Years Eve morning 2015, I thought I should take the test. To my surprise there were those two little pink lines staring back at me! I was so happy that I did shed a couple of tears. The journey since has been absolutely wonderful, with everything going along smoothly. I have reached 16 weeks, and eagerly await to find out the sex of our treasure (it had its legs crossed at 16 weeks!!!). I truly believe that this pregnancy would not have been possible without the support, assistance and guidance from Evelin, and my husband and I are forever grateful. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling, and please don’t be like us and wait so long. If you feel something isn’t right and it isn’t happening, drop a line to Evelin and arrange that initial appointment, you won’t be disappointed. At 36years of age, I had all but given up hope of having our own little family.“ — Joedy Whitaker

 “We were trying to get pregnant for over two years, but had PCOS and I was definitely not ovulating on my own. I felt like having a baby would never happen for us, and I was very anxious about our situation. I had tried ovulation induction for many months using injectables but it was only affecting my health and not producing any results. I was desperate to try a more natural approach and after a lot of research I decided to call Evelin. During the program: I found Evelin to be fantastic! I straight away began to feel healthy in myself again. It was the best I have felt in years! I loved how non invasive the program was and I started to ovulate on my own!! I am now 6 weeks pregnant and while I chose to go for IVF for a number of reasons, I still know that it was Evelin’s program that fully prepared my body for it. We fell pregnant on our first attempt at IVF thanks to Evelin and her program. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants a baby. After putting my body through all the invasive hormone injections, this program was what I needed! At the end of the day my husband and I decided to give this program a go because we had nothing to lose and now we are expecting a baby and that it the ultimate result!“ — Tara Davaris

“Me and my partner were trying for a baby for the last 4 years. We had done all possible tests and everything seemed normal except PCOS problem. My GP and gynaecologist said that there are no possible chances of natural pregnancy, so we tried three unsuccessful cycles of IUI which cost us a lot. Then I fell pregnant and had a miscarriage at 11 weeks because I had thyroid problem. We were so depressed and felt hopeless. We were thinking that we are not going to have our own baby so we should adopt one. Then I saw Evelin’s program on Facebook, read through her website and booked an appointment. At the very first appointment, she explained everything in depth and showed her dedication to help us and we felt great after we started Evelin’s program. I fell pregnant after a few months and now I am 16 weeks pregnant, all thanks to Evelin. I suggest every lady who is struggling to get pregnant should contact Evelin before spending money on IUI or IVF and best of luck in advance for motherhood ahead.“ – Aman Dhaliwal


`I was struggling emotionally with the fact that I had not had any success getting pregnant again after a previous miscarriage and I was keeping myself up at night feeling like there was something wrong with me. My husband and I didn’t want to go through invasive medicated cycles and being so far away from a lot of options and not having the support of someone that really wanted to help us (our GP is great, but this is not really their area of expertise) was taking its toll on me, therefore upsetting my husband as well. My experience with this program has been unbelievable, the support I had through Evelin was exactly what I needed and having someone that really cared and was helping took the emotional drain off of me and helped me to relax whilst still doing something to continue on our journey of trying to conceive. I feel so blessed that I am now carrying a beautiful little baby and we can’t wait to start our life as a growing family. I would recommend this program to anyone having trouble trying to conceive. I am so happy I found Evelin when I did, not only because I’m now pregnant but because the support I received from her was exactly what I needed.“ – Alyssia

`My partner and I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years. We fell pregnant last year but lost the baby in February at 8 weeks. After testing I was shown not to be ovulating and had previous issues with my periods and ovulation. Evelin’s program got me to ovulate and successfully fall pregnant. Our baby is now 12 weeks 5 days and going strong! Evelin’s support and products have been amazing. With regular Skype appointments, we were able to tailor the program to suit my needs My partner and myself couldn’t be more happy and excited for the journey ahead of us. Still with the support of Evelin everything feels great. I would recommend this program to absolutely everyone that is struggling to conceive. This program has been worth every cent to us and for that we cannot thank Evelin enough. I would not know what state of mind I’d be in without Evelin or without the joy of our baby.“ – Abbie Mills

“Before the natural fertility program, my cycle varied from once every second month up to at one stage nearly 8 months between cycles due to polycystic ovaries, which really made me worry about having a future pregnancy. The program was very easy to follow. The hardest part was trying to break 20+ years of eating habits, eg. emotional eating when tired, bored, upset, angry, etc. At times, I would deviate but Evelin would guide me back on track. Now I am excited to discover that I am pregnant and look forward to the journey to motherhood. I would recommend this program to anyone who is trying to conceive.“ -Zoe A


`My husband and I had been trying for 3 years to fall pregnant. Every time unsuccessful. We were depressed and disappointed in our bodies and didn’t think we would be able to create our own child together. We knew there was no way we could do IVF, as it costs so much and I didn’t feel comfortable with their invasive/medical ways. Once we started with Evelin, the program was very easy to follow and the remedies were easy to take. It was non-invasive, painless, and easy – a walk in the park! Evelin was there for me every step of the way, to help/answer any questions or concerns I had. I felt well supported and happy. Within 1 month of being on the Natural Fertility Australia Program we fell pregnant! We were in disbelief and shock to start with, as we previously had tried for 3 years doing it on our own, only to end in failure. And now to finally be pregnant within only 1 month on the program blew us away! We are ecstatic and so thankful to Evelin at Natural Fertility Australia. If it wasn’t for her program, we’d still be child-less. We can’t wait to meet our little cherub. I’d recommend this program to anyone looking at conceiving a child. It was so easy and cost a fraction of what other fertility companies charge.“ Trudy H


`Before I came to see Evelin I had very irregular menstrual cycles due to a hormone imbalance. We had been trying to conceive for over 2 years with only one pregnancy that unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. During the program I often felt like I wasn’t doing enough to achieve my goal but at the same time it allowed me to continue my life with very little disruptions. The program improved my cycles almost immediately which was reassuring. Despite feeling down at times during the treatment I always felt positive after meeting with Evelin. Her confidence in the treatment and in myself really helped me along the way. Now that I am pregnant I am excited but still anxious as I know things can go wrong early on. I am trying very hard to believe in my body and stay positive. I do feel that after 8 months of taking the remedies my body is handling this pregnancy much better than my first one. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a hormone imbalance due to many years on the birth control pill.“ K SOLOMON


`Before seeing Evelin I was emotionally and financially drained. I had been trying to conceive our second child for 2.5 years. I had gone through 11 unsuccessful IVF treatments, lost my right tube, had blood clotting issues, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, suffered 5 miscarriages, the list goes on. I was approaching 40 years and our IVF specialist suggested donor eggs, which was not an option for us. We were on the verge of giving up, counting ourselves lucky that we had one child and had done everything possible to conceive our second, to the point where I felt I was jeopardising my health and sanity if I continued down the path of IVF and seeking to conceive again. However there was something in me that had to give it one final try. Perhaps I was already insane? I think over and above everything, I just wanted to get healthy again and remove all traces of the IVF drugs that were in my system, so I decided to seek your help. The program was fairly straightforward to follow. I knew what I was in for as I had been on a fertility program in the past and was fortunate enough to conceive my first child. I must admit, ditching the sugar again, was a bit of a struggle initially, but well worth it in the end. I still follow the fertility diet with a few modifications. I am elated about conceiving at 39 without going through another round of invasive IVF treatment. I recommend this program to any woman, wanting to have a child. Just because you may have gone through IVF in the past and it has not worked, or feel that you are past the age of conceiving, don’t assume that nothing will work for you. I have every fertility issue going against me, including my age, and I am 23 weeks pregnant today at the age of 40, with a healthy baby! MTHFR factor, blood clots, only one fallopian tube, history of stillbirth and miscarriage, incompetent cervix, thyroid issues… it can still happen. IVF doesn’t always work and just because it hasn’t, don’t assume that natural therapies won’t either.“ CHRIS N.


`I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past six years. I also have a history of PCOS and irregular periods. I tried fertility medications and hormonal tablets three times. These medications gave me side effects but never helped me to fall pregnant. I never wanted to try IVF or IUI because it could lead to some kind of complications or failure in some cases. I came to know about Natural Fertility Australia through facebook and got inspired by the testimonials. I felt confident and contacted Evelin. She was very friendly and extremely helpful. I really appreciated her support and the positive advice during my first appointment itself. I liked the way she collected my history. She was able to understand my feelings and she explained the natural fertility program and the diet. I followed everything strictly. I’m so happy and excited that I became pregnant before my second appointment within two months of starting the program. I’m so proud of myself for achieving my goal. I’m thankful to God for giving me the wisdom to seek help from Evelin. I put my faith into action by taking this treatment and I’m so grateful to NATURAL FERTILITY AUSTRALIA. I went through all the hardship and I know the importance of becoming a mother, it’s the greatest gift in life. For all those who are reading my testimonial and want to have a child after trying everything, you just need to take one more final step that could fulfill your need and the importance of having a baby. I highly recommend this natural fertility treatment through Evelin. Thanks to Evelin once again.“ LIDIYA


`My husband and I were trying for a baby for the past eight years. We went to fertility clinics, which can get quite expensive as one of the tests alone cost over $800. I read in the paper about Evelin and decided to take a natural approach at conceiving. During the appointment with Evelin she was amazing. She knew exactly what natural medicine I would need just by chatting with me and knew what might be the problem in us not being able to conceive. We never in a million years thought we would become parents, but are now expecting our first baby. We could not be happier with the help and support that was provided to us by Evelin. I will continue to visit Evelin and the clinic for any further help with any problems. I will recommend this program to anyone who is trying to have a baby. “SANGEETA B.


`I’ve always had debilitating heavy and painful periods for which I took prescription pain medication. Three years ago I discovered that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Uterine polyps. The polyps were removed during an operation and proved to be benign. I was told by the specialist that it was very unlikely that I’d be able to conceive, that I had to have lifelong scans of my uterus every 6 months and that it was likely that I’d develop uterine cancer. This happened just after I got married. I didn’t feel ready at this point in my life to start a family, but this news was quite unexpected and came as a shock to me and my husband. I got a second opinion from another specialist who said that it will probably be difficult to conceive but that we could try fertility treatment and that I could lower my risk of uterine cancer by getting a Mirena implant after I’ve had children. My husband and I decided to focus on my health and our new life together until we both felt ready to start the fertility treatment journey. Last year I came to the realisation that I was approaching my mid thirties and that if we wanted to try to conceive that it had to be sooner than later. I still did not feel ready to start a family, but was I ever going to feel ready? I was enjoying our life style and was in the process of a long awaited career change. The thought of fertility treatments really scared me as I’ve got an irrational fear of hospitals and needles. I started seeing Evelin in October last year and signed up to her 6 month natural fertility programme. My main goal was to have normal periods and to improve the health of my ovaries and uterus. Conceiving naturally would be an added bonus. Evelin took a full history of all my symptoms and conditions and requested blood tests. She assessed my situation and gave me homeopathic remedies and natural supplements to take and general advice on dietary changes that would help me. I also had to use ovulation sticks to help me track if and when I was ovulating. Within two months and two consultations I experienced for the first time what it felt like to have a normal ovulation and period. I went off the pain killers after my first visit with Evelin and didn’t have the need to use it again. With my head and body in the right space my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby in December. To our surprise I fell pregnant! Evelin’s ability to accurately assess which remedies I needed is evident in my speedy improvement and conception. She was always available for any questions I had in between our consultations and provided useful advice. I’m now 9 weeks pregnant and I’m still seeing Evelin to help me through pregnancy sickness and the rest of my pregnancy. I would recommend Evelin to anyone who wants to specifically improve the health of their reproductive organs and/or who wants to try and conceive naturally.“ Y. BROWN


`I have been trying to fall pregnant for about one year when my husband and I decided to make an appointment at the fertility clinic. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and we also found out that my husband’s sperm motility was low. I started taking hormones to try and regulate my cycle. When this treatment proved unsuccessful after about 6 months, we went to see Evelin. After starting Evelin’s program and changing my diet my periods became more and more regular and I fell pregnant after 8 months. As Evelin explained to us, polycystic ovarian syndrome can be difficult to treat and therefore treatment may take up to 12 months instead of the usual 6 months. She also gave my husband some supplements and drops to address his sperm issues. We are looking forward to finally becoming parents. Thank you Evelin.“ SUE H.


`After several years of infertility issues and battle against endometriosis, I did not want to undergo another IVF treatment with all the stress that it entailed. That’s when I learnt about Evelin Liddell. The programme seemed a rather simple one with a definite timeframe. I immediately felt comfortable in the presence of Evelin running the programme. She exuded so much confidence and showed patience to understand my problems and concerns that I instantly felt at ease in her presence. I only saw her twice and after only one month consultation with her, I fell pregnant. Knowing how hard the battle against infertility can be with all the stress, I most sincerely recommend Evelin to women who want more natural alternatives to IVF. Just give it a try and you won’t regret it!“ PATRICIA

After trying to conceive for almost 2 years and seeing a fertility specialist who could find no reason for the recurrent miscarriages, we decided to see Evelin on the recommendation of a friend. Our first consultation was so refreshing after all the medical input we had had. Here was someone who actually took the time to talk to us, taking a detailed history. Evelin came up with a plan that made us feel like we had some sort of influence over this aspect of our life. After 5 months of treatment I became pregnant again and am now at 34 weeks and looking forward to becoming a mum at long last.“ REBECCA R.

“After two years of unsuccessful IVF, I had lost nearly all hope and was emotionally and physically spent. I found Evelin and thought I would visit Evelin. I was having a forced three month break from trying, and Evelin suggested homeopathics to rebalance my system again. It was very easy and emotionally I felt a lot more balanced (even my husband noticed). Well the good news is I fell pregnant the first month we started to try. Amazing considering the fertility doctors gave me a less than 5% chance.“ KRISTY B.