Guided relaxation for your natural conception


Improving your chances

Are you ready to optimise your fertility? Are you ready to conceive your baby? We invite you to take time out every day during your cycle to let go and relax. Immerse yourself in the positive visualisations contained in these relaxation exercises to enhance your fertile potential.

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Why do this for my fertility?

These enjoyable guided relaxations have been created for nurture and support during each stage of your cycle while you are trying to conceive. Simply listen daily to help calm your stress responses, prepare your body and mind and optimise your fertility. You will feel more rested and calm, receptive, trusting and confident. All you need to do is allow some time to lie down, listen and soak up the words and imagery contained here.

We know intuitively that stress impacts negatively on our fertility and health. More and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm that this simple daily activity – meditation, relaxation, creative visualisation – will improve your reproductive health, your general health and feeling of wellbeing, as well as your chances of a positive pregnancy outcome.

Relaxation and visualisation has a cumulative beneficial effect, so our recommendation is for you to listen to the appropriate track every day.

Some research has seen a link between high stress and poor conception outcomes, both naturally and with IVF; and there is plenty of evidence to support the use of meditation to improve health, lift mood and manage stress – so lie down, turn on your audio player, listen, relax and optimise your fertility.

What’s on the Download

This CD for your natural conception has 4 tracks

  • Track 1: Menstruation – a new beginning (17.30 minutes)
    For maximum benefit, listen to this track every day from the first day of your bleed until the end of your menstruation. A time for introspection, reflection and letting go.
  • Track 2: After menstruation – preparing your fertile body (17.53 minutes)
    Listen daily after your menstruation has finished until you start experiencing signs of ovulation. This is a creative time, ripe for inspiration as your body creates your follicles, eggs and endometrium ready for conception.
  • Track 3: Your fertile window – ready to conceive (19.20 minutes)
    You may notice signs of fertile mucus or be tracking your cycle and be aware that you are about to ovulate. Listen daily during this 4-5 day window to connect with your energy for love making and conception.
  • Track 4: After ovulation – open to possibilities (18.15 minutes)
    After ovulation listen daily to this track allowing your mind and body to relax and open to all possibilities.