Guided relaxation for your early pregnancy


Enjoying your pregnancy

Are you feeling the need for more support since your positive pregnancy test? You have conceived your baby and while you may feel elated, like many women before you, fear, anxiety and sometimes doubt comes with the happy news. We invite you to take time out every day during your pregnancy to relax your body and mind. Immerse yourself in the positive visualisations contained in these relaxation exercises and enhance your pregnancy wellbeing

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 Why do this during pregnancy?

These enjoyable guided relaxations have been created for nurture and support during your early pregnancy. Simply listen daily to help calm your stress response for the healthiest pregnancy. You will feel rested, calm, connected with your baby and more trusting. All you need to do is allow some time to lie down, listen and soak up the words and imagery contained here.

We know intuitively that stress impacts negatively on our fertility and health. More and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm that this simple daily activity – meditation, relaxation, creative visualisation – will improve your reproductive health, your general health and feeling of wellbeing. Daily relaxation will help you to enjoy your pregnancy, while allowing your baby’s nervous system to develop in an optimal environment.

Relaxation and visualisation has a cumulative beneficial effect, so our recommendation is for you to listen to one of the tracks every day.

Research has shown a link between mindfulness relaxation, improved mood and reduction of stress and anxiety for women during pregnancy; and there is plenty of evidence to support the use of meditation to improve health – so lie down, turn on your audio player, listen, relax and nourish yourself and your baby.

What’s on the CD?

Although we have suggested specific pregnancy weeks to listen to these tracks they are interchangeable and you can go backwards and forwards between them. Or if you prefer, you can focus on your favourite guided relaxation for weeks at a time.

  • Track 1: From your positive pregnancy test – a new life begins 18.55 minutes
    For maximum benefit, listen to this track every day during the first days and weeks of your pregnancy.  This may be particularly helpful from the time of your positive pregnancy test up to week 14.  A time for allowing yourself to connect and feel the wonder of it all.
  • Track 2: Supporting growth and connecting with the pulse of life 18.41 minutes
    This track is especially helpful after week 8 or after you’ve seen the beating heart of your baby on a scan.  This can be a time when you start to accept more that you really are pregnant and can allow yourself and your baby time to connect.
  • Track 3: Mindfulness meditation – complete mind and body relaxation 12.05 minutes
    You can choose to listen to this track anytime during your entire pregnancy or beyond.  It may suit your mood when you feel like a shorter guided mindfulness relaxation, if you catch a break at work, or if you just need to get your mind off your pregnancy! This one encourages complete mind and body relaxation.
  • Track 4: Soothing piano to extend your relaxation 20.39 minutes
    This instrumental can be added to any of the other tracks and repeated on your audio player to allow you a longer relaxation.