The Natural Fertility Method

As part of my clinical support to clients experiencing infertility, I use the international recognised Liz Lalor Fertility program©.

The Program was developed by Melbourne Homoeopath Liz Lalor to help couples fall pregnant. I belong to a worldwide circle of homoeopaths who have been trained directly by Liz Lalor. I am very grateful to her for her ongoing support and training which allows me to offer this service to the wider community.

The Liz Lalor Fertility Program© is a multi-level approach to the management of fertility, using a series of homeopathic medicines at different times during the menstrual cycle as well as recommendations on fertility nutrition, natural health techniques and lifestyle changes that will support fertility in both male and female partners.

Liz has worked with over 400 couples in her own practice resulting in 380 babies born in perfect health and 52 failures. Her Fertility Program has a success rate of 87% within four cycles using a series of 5 – 6 homeopathic medicines that are taken at different times during each menstrual cycle. Her statistics show that more than 50% of couples will fall pregnant in two cycles. Of the remaining couples who do not conceive the majority will conceive with IVF.

Liz has worked with couples with a history of long term oral contraceptive use, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages and other challenges. Five women have had twins on the Liz Lalor Fertility Program©. The twins have been counted as a single conception. Women who have been undergoing IVF using the Fertility Program and fallen pregnant are not included in the statistics.

How The Natural Fertility Method Will Get Your Body Baby Ready

  • Proven methodology based on the Liz Lalor Fertility Program©
  • Easy and practical solutions that will get you on track to conceive
  • Accurate ovulation prediction to time intercourse for your own Fertility Window
  • Stress is the enemy! Reduce stress and relax your state of mind to create the environment to conceive
  • A Diet and lifestyle plan to suit your needs, that you can implement easily into your daily life … and beyond your baby-bearing years!
  • Support, guidance and coaching with a dash of TLC – YOU are not alone! Support is available via email and phone between monthly consultations.
  • I am with you every step of the way!

What can the Liz Lalor Fertility Program© do for you?

  • remove the effects of the Birth-Control Pill (which can impact on fertility as it can affect ovulation and production of fertile mucous)
  • assist with any underlying pathology such as PCOS, fibroids & endometriosis, PMS, painful periods, heavy bleeding
  • balance hormones and help ensure healthy ovulation
  • improve the quality of vaginal mucous and remove thrush (candida) which can affect the quality of vaginal mucous
  • provide IVF supportive care
  • provide an individualised, client centred & holistic approach to your fertility needs
  • prepare you in a gentle & natural way for conception to sustain the pregnancy
  • gain awareness and confidence in your lifestyle and diet choices, treating the whole person on all levels increasing energy and vitality as well as helping with any other health problem and improve your response to stress.


The program can also be used as preparation for IVF and clinical experience has shown this to improve the outcomes during an IVF cycle (for best results it is recommended that couples do at least two to three cycles on the program prior to undergoing IVF).



The program is not suitable for women with no viable eggs or for men who do not produce any sperm (azoospermia). It is important to note that the the program has limited success in women over the age of 42.



I have an integrative & holistic approach with my clients and will refer to other therapists and medical practitioners to ensure my clients receive the best possible care.