Initial Consultation

The Fertility Program involves 4 – 6 consultations over a period of six months and I recommend that you stay on the program for at least 4 month. You will have monthly follow up visits to review your cycle. The follow – up visits are a very important part of this program as I may have to change your medicines depending on your progress.

During the first consultation, I will take your full health history and any issues that can contribute to infertility which we will discuss so they can be addressed. Ideally, I like to see you as a couple so that I can work with both of you. However, if this is not possible I will meet with you and work with you closely.

If your partner has fertility issues, I will need to see him at a different time so I can provide him with homeopathic treatment where he will take one homeopathic remedy plus the addition of recommended supplements if indicated. Please see Male Fertility Program.

Your Follow-up Consultation

During our initial Consultation, I will have asked you detailed questions about your menstrual cycle and we would have discussed how your menstrual and ovulation symptoms form the basis of your individual homoeopathic medicine prescription. Any changes which will tell us which areas need improvement. In the follow-up consultations, I return to these areas and look at improvements of those symptoms and any adjustments that need to be made to the remedies.

Together we will:

  • Discuss & Address Your unique situation
  • Create Your personal Fertility Program
  • Put Support Strategies into place

How the The Natural Fertility Program works:

  • Initial Face to Face or Skype Consultation
  • Monthly Follow-up Consultations
  • Email & Phone Support to help you make those changes
  • Address any fears, hopes and emotional issues you feel

You will also…

Feel lighter, hopeful, excited, knowledgeable, informed, aware and most of all… not alone. I will be by your side Step by Step throughout your journey and help you to achieve your goal. My program is not only about getting your body ready to conceive but also to nurture, sustain, feed and hold the baby during your pregnancy. Click the link  to find out More about the Program